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The Jungle Cruise

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It is rumored that Walt Disney initially wanted live animals on the cruise through these jungles.   Logistics got in the way, however, so the faithful prop department was called in and animatronics were constructed for use in the Jungle Cruise.   The primary reason live animals would not work well is they would not stay where they were expected to be and what would a cruise through the jungle be without animals.   The animatronics are much more fun and entertaining, and always stay put, allowing the boat captains to deliver their jokes reliably.

Come cruise through four major tropical jungles on earth, a Southeast Asian jungle, the Nile valley, the African veldt, and an Amazon rain forest.   The Jungle Cruise is the most lavish display of landscape at Walt Disney World, with tropical species appropriate to each tropical area represented.   In order to maintain the tropical plants, Disney uses heaters when ambient temperatures fall.   That rock you see may actually be a heater in disguise.

Some of the scouts here say they've spotted tigers near the boarding area.   Of course, you know that's impossible, there's no such thing as a spotted tiger.


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