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The Jungle Cruise Pranks

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It's no secret Jungle Cruise skippers have most fun work environment at Disneyland. Look at all the toys!! You're given a boat and a microphone and a captive audience... what more could a comic-at-heart want? On top of that, you have a giant nature preserve with water, hiding places, and theatrical sets in which you can act out some of the most bizzare skits ever devised.

With that, I'm hoping to begin a string of Jungle Cruise pranks... hopefully to be written by current or former skippers, but also guests who experienced them firsthand. (Yeah, I guess those dweebs down in WDW can contribute their stories, too. Even though we ARE the original!)

I'm now a retired skipper, so I don't have to worry about what the "suits" have to say. Heck, the "suits" were once skippers themselves who taught us our best stuff!!!

So here's my list. I'll admit, I've been a part of a lot of these... others I saw firsthand or heard from very reliable sources.

(In the order they would appear in the attraction):



Larry G added:

Those brought back some great memories - as we used to say "and they're paying us for this?". I think every summer crew had their version of the Speed Trap. Here were some other favorites that used to happen one summer long ago...

gjw noted:

All of this Jungle Cruise talk reminds me of the infamous incident a while back where the skipper was arrested for taking a swim in the river on his last day of work. From what I heard, it was a last-day tradition. Did the arrest put an end to that tradition?

Judi Lane adds:

My two most memorable Jungle Cruise "skipper farewells":

- who really misses George's spiels, and wonders if the end-of-summer "Banana Ball" is still a time-honored JC-hosted tradition

Bill Shellorne adds:

Patrick Olguin adds:

My own observation on July 17, 1997

Richard L. Lawton, M.D. who was a lead and r.o. on the Jungle Cruise from 1984-91, adds:


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